Saturday, 16 July 2011

u're the best sista in the world

hey waddup guys . okay this morning i nk cite it's all about my ever sista enny diyana syazwani . she is the best singer in my sch . she was so awsome .2011 is her final year . sedih kott lps neyh dh tkde kakak kt sch and dh tkde partner nk story2 . but all that a small pieces problem . msty larh bole hang out sesame knn pas neyh . heeee :) seriously dye sorang kakak ygg sgtt penyayang and tk sombong . sape ygg kate kakak i sombong ? meyh sini i sepok muke dye . hehehhe . dye suke sggt capture pixto . tak caye tgok larh kat FB dye . manyak pixto .huhu . mcm2 gaye ade . she was so beautiful and like a model yawww . i'm so proud of her . i love u so muchhh kakak . u're the ever sista in my life . i wish youu all the best and hope you'll success in ur career . LOVE YOU ! ALOOOYAAAAA :)


  1. nt kite buad akk punye pulak keyh . don't worry . just wait and see . huhu

  2. so sweet!sayang kamoo lebeyh la cyunk!