Thursday, 14 July 2011

my small ass always together gether with me :)

hey guys waddup . i'm just wanna introduced to u all my special fellow friends. that is my small ass a.k.a bella . her fully name is nur nabilah bt md hattar . she was so genuis in my class . haha . but at the same time dye ad penyakit yg same dgan i . that is sawan babeyh ! hahah . both of us always laugh together . satu ary tak ketawe mmg tak sah ! ade jerk cite ygg melucukn tiap2 hari . haha . i'm started meet her when i was in primary sch .haha . first time msok 4 arif dye friendly giler bye2 kat tyra . haha . then , tyra tros ddk sblah dye . time tuh tyra pikir byk kaly sape larh prempuan neyh friendly giler . rupe2 nye member lame tyra . hahahah ! she's always stand by my side . kalo dye ad problems dye msty share dgan tyra . and bile tyra ade problems tyra mssty cite dkad dye . she was so awsome . nice to knowing her . 


  1. 0MD2! haha ..thx c0z written ab0ut me at this sweety bl0ggie .pr0mise i'll cherish our friendship ..sampai mati larh weyh ..!

  2. huhu . sygg kau larh kwn . muahxxx <3